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I'm painting picutres for the people who stick around,
       long enough to watch,
Laura calls me an onion,
       but most don't stick around long enough to cry,
I'm walking tightropes at midnight, cause I said, I would,
       cause I love you so,
I'm painting pictures for the people who stick around to watch...
        where did you go?

I just want to be loved decent,
But you know me, I'll settle for civil,
I'm just so fucking tired of settling for the middle,

The World's my canvas and I was painting you,
        with little kisses, and big plans,
Oh foolish me for so wholly falling in love,
You're dripping blue paint, 
It's your mess, and I don't wanna clean it up,
You pushed away my love and my art for the last time.

I am a mystery, and love is a riddle,
Figure us out or don't,
But get me out of the middle, 

I'm swimming colors for the people who know enough,
         to open their eyes,
I'm opening windown for angels, and you're lovingly blind,
I'm walking clouds now, for me see,
         in East coast fashion yeah.
I'm doing 90 on the freeway of my future,
          and you're rear view dreams...

My thoughts are looming large now,
Your spite means very little, 
Out of love and onto life,
         Cause I am not the middle.