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Handicapped, you are

Sometimes I think you're blind,
And I don't know what to do, I try
     to look through you're eyes,
But the clouds obstruct the view, And 
     we are so accustomed to the dress-up
That we play with our hearts,
We are so used to hiding our mind,
      That to sit in habit, and let the world, Go by
Is easier than breaking molds, But
I think you are blind, and I just
       can't find...
I look through  your eyes, all I can
      see is you. 

Sometimes I think you're deaf,
You only hear the words I say,
     every sentence is I love you, but
you are so naive, and I wouldn't believe,
     That you could know me like you do,
and only hear what you want to, 
The tone of my voice drips, with 
     candy coated affection,
The inflection, 
     of my words, on the computer screen,
Sometimes I think you're deaf, 
And if I thought you'd hear me, I'd scream. 

I'm fuckin sure you're wonderful,
      and it pisses me off, 
Handicapped like always, but 
      perfect still,
And who am I to vye for your touch, when
I don't need a weighted heart,
Who am I too dip my oars in love's waters,
     so naive to think I care so much.

And I would do, most anything, 
I find the birds, with fucked up wings,
     and is it so bad that you're can't hear or see me?
Or is worse that I have these feelings?
Cause I assure you, and
     it's true..
Your handicaps wouldn't matter if I,
     didn't love you. 
I hate myself for doing it, I really 
     drive myself crazy, 
Why can't I be like you,
And just hold it all inside?


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