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Double Negative

It's not anything new,
	this tortured figure,
It's not anything great,
	the love that I have,
It's not anything special,
	that I love our smile,
It's not anything different,
	and all the while,
I feel the world should stop turning,
And feel the power of this burning,
And I want everyone to see my love,
	in the way I drink my coffee,
I need every figure flaw,
	to discuss my thoughts,
I want to be so connected,
	that I get lost,
I'll think about doughnuts,
	my whole life,
And if I even like who I am
And I want the world to see my reflection,
	on a cloud on a rainy day,
I want to shine like the brightest star,
It's not anything unique,
	the rush that I'm feeling,
The thought of you,
	sends my mind reeling.