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You see this skin,
	its inches deep,
And this mind is so penetrable, 

Sticks and stones can kiss my ass,
	I'm tired of wearing this lonely mask,
Don't you think I'm real like you,

Did it ever occur,
	I'm not what you think,
Did it ever pop up,
	I'm a littel lovesick,
Did it ever dawn,
	I'm no little fawn,
But I'm not prepared for this either,

You see this figure,
	It's not perfect,
You hear my laugh,
	It's a bit annoying,
You feel my breath,
	Maybe you think twice,
Under this mask,
	I'm still falling,

You see these eyes,
	pemanently fixated,
And your perfect everything,
	is so appreciated,
Never one day break,
	wouldn't take it if I could,

Well maybe I would