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Not so Soft

    In the light I see my figure, female,
    Twisted silver bending the glass,
    My skin blistered and swollen where time has rushed by,
    Not so soft,
    The water pouring down the rivers of my face,
    And the sounds that drum my ear are,
    Not so soft,
    I pull the binding threads that let me see the colors,
    I present to all the little people in their small lands me, 
    Myself, I scream, and it's,
    Not so soft,
    And my heart bleeds emotions I choose not to fell,
    And those I can not face and the pain is,
    Not so soft,
    I rub the salts into my wounds,
    The only comfort I feel,
    Not so soft,
    In the dark I see my figure, unfolding, female,
    And the reality is not so soft,