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Not the Middle

I think my greatest fear is loneliness,
Or more of how it would come about,
I have friends and family and countless doubts.
I know it's normal,
But none of you can see in my head,
The countless times I wish I was dead,
The things I think about would really scare              

And people say "oh wow you're so pretty"
And people go "gee you're oh so witty"
But only a sense of sadness pervades,
I had a fight with my mom today,
She doesn't hear me, to her it's okay,
I just want to be treated decent,
Make a decision, not this amphorus dribble,
Tie me down or throw me out.
Just cease with this middle. 

And I just want someone to hold me close,
And say that it'll be ok,
I can't be my self-support system forever,
I don't want to be out and alone,
I don't ever want to go home,
I wanna be in the arms of him,
Another love poem,