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The truth is beginning to shine through,
Like the fire burning the lust,
And it drips down like hot wax,
Scalding a numb heart,

And the dust blown away is so fragmented,
The pain is true but the smile is not,
And the only assurance that this is real,
Is the lust and the fire and the pain,

You smell like spice and devlish fruit,
Wine and blood mixed and poured devine,
The flash of a blade and smell of eternity,
Cannot compare to this fluctuating feeling,
And I don't like always living in fear,

And I feel like unrequited love is a sin,
I ought to repent for the way I look at you,
And even your flaws and diamonds,
You always knew I was the different one,

For every tear you shed I die a thousand deaths,
For every clouded though I bleed,
And every demon endured, I fall again,
And the vow is silently renewed,