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I sleep at night with my electric blanket on,
Pretending that I am in your arms,
I only sleep because I know,
That I will dream of you,

I close my eyes and I can smell you,
I pretend we are dancing close,
I take a deep breath and I can hear your laugh,
I pretend that it's at my joke,

I read a romantic love poem,
And I pretended that it was from you to me,
I saw a woman say I love you,
I pretended that I could say that to you if I wanted,

I close my eyes at night,
Pretending I will see you whenI awake,
I brush my hair,
Pretending that your fingers are running through my hair,

I say to myself this is just a crush,
Pretending someday I will love another,
I wrtie this poem,
Pretending someday you'll read it,

I say things,
Pretending you will love my sense of humor and love me too,
I laugh at all your jokes,
Pretending it'll make a difference,

I pretend not to care,
Pretending you'll notice,
I pretend you care,
Pretending that you'll notice,

I look in the mirror,
Pretending to look pretty,
I think that someday you'll love me too,
Pretending it is true,

All this time pretending,
All this time dreaming and wanting,
All unoccupied seconds devoted to you,
This is love,