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New Years Eve

She spent New Years Eve far away from everyone,
At home alone,
She cried her eyes out and proceded to get plastered to the core,
Her mind said no,
But her body said more,
She said what's the difference,
Now or 60 years?
As she took a drag and took a swip and wiped away the tears,

She cried "this isn't how I thought that it was gonna be!"
What's left in this sad-drained life for me?

All the cynicism in the world,
Couldn't bring a life light to this girl,

She spent Christmas day feeling sorry for herself,
She put logic beside self-worth  on the shelf,
Above the bed where breathless she does lie,
The angles, now sing the lost sould lullaby,

All the hate in the world couldn't revive,
Hope in this girl,