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After School

The school ground was littered,
With old things and loitering couples,
The school ground glittered,
With broken fairytales and silent struggles,

And the swish of my pants,
In this great expanse,
Deafens me like the wind and trees,
And the sky is so blue,
And this pain is so true, 
And all I breathe is the ache of the leaves,

As I crunch towards the gate,
And the bitter cold laughs,
At the futility of my thoughts,
And the length of my stirde,

It seems like years of endless drone,
And it seems so near, but I might never get home,
And the loitering couples don't look up,
To see the lonely stuggle,
And it's sunset soon, 
And I should be home,

But it's too much fun,
Cold and alone,