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Assualt truth,
You took my words,
Twisted like soft metal,
Heard what you needed,
To be the victim,
Of your own stories,
That you keep yourself warm with,
On cold nights, 
When you lay in bed alone,

Avert your eyes,
Shed a crocodile tear,
Solemnly tell me,
What I’d want to hear,
Tell me a story,
About how you’ve been burnt,
A secret guilty web,
Of your pain and your hurt,

Put on your mask,
Play me your soul,
The audio-cassete’s,
Emotional roll,
As the wind whips up,
And the car accelerates,
Your eyes beg pretty,
They search for my pity,
I wake up the next day,
And the love has flown through the window,

You take my speech,
Of how “this is for me”,
And turn it around,
How you’d like it to be,
So you can blame me,
You can defame me,
Deflect your hurt,
The call of loneliness,
You set up excuses,
You pretend to cry,
You ask me questions, 
That force me to lie,

I meant what I said,
At the time that I said it,
It was genuine then, 
And I don’t regret it,
Those feelings have passed,
Don’t ask me why,
Those feelings are gone,
You say it’s all a lie,

On a different day,
I may have fed,
Into your pity party, 
In your pitiful head,
But the dress codes black,
And all I got is white,
You ask me if I’m genuine,
I ask you if you’re alright. 

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