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I hate to trivialize what we had,
And categorize it as some casualty of love,
The defects I embody, aren't all mine,
You were just in the wrong place,
			at a very wrong time,

And I couldn't tell you if love is fun,
I was a little wide eyed, and very numb,
I didn't think anyone could love me like that,
But you won't leave me empty handed, 
			here's some advice,
out of love...and onto life,

All those letters, what was I thinking?
I still know..but the fuel is long gone,
I don't want to discard you, 
			like a tired rag doll,
But when this motherfucker is done,
It is done,

And when the drama subsides, the smoke will clear,
We'll slither back to our corners,
Your friends will soothe it all, and laugh,
"They're all bitches, and there are so many",
If it makes them happy,
You know they aren't getting any,

I couldn't tell you if love is fun,
I loved you like rain loves fire,
You won't leave me empty handed
			here is some advice,
Out of love and onto life,

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