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It was pitch black dark,
       But that didn't matter, 
       I can see you,
       With my eyes closed,

       It anyone knew,
       How I felt,
       Thank Goddess nobody knows,

       I love you more than cascading waterfalls,
       And I'd rather have you than one million Seth Greens,
       I love you more than I love myself, 
       Can you comprehend, what that means?

       The silver screen reflected you hair,
       As we talked about fate,
       But all I oculd think of was how I wanted you,
       And I thought about how I thought you were great,

       I love you but I value our friendship,
       And though you know the words I can't say,
       I would do anything to be with you,
       And I'd like to know if you feel the same way, 

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