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Untitled for Now

My world didn't stop for you tonight, 
The clouds hung low and dark, 
And while part of me sat there, 
And tried to calculate your laugh, 
The other half, 
Of me, brooded with the looming storm, 

Picking at my callouses, 
Listening to emotive melodies, 
I ceased to care for brief moments, 
When the sky seemed starless for you and me, 
Such curiosity, 
Could never befit such a vixen, 

I can't decide if I'm the tide beating back the shore, 
And if your nocturnal breezes are simply hollow wishes, 
I convince myself so much that when I am called to reply, 
I can only think of the hollow wishes and the ceaceless tide, 
I reside, 
In love's darkest corner where forevers bloom, 

I found you in a ray of sunlight, 
Sitting, smoking, joking, the day 
Away, and I think I convinced myself then of your beauty, 
The wind blew different for me then, not repressed, 
I confess, 
That I wanted to feel your eyes to myself. 

And so little time later, basketcased and dazed, 
I think you amazed me at first, 
Like a delicate lace, knit in my ambition, 
But I have come to doubt that your tree bears fruit, 
I salute, 
Your haughty air, couldn't care. But I do. 

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